CANDLE FLAME Symbolism, Meaning & Dreams

candle flame meanings

The size of the flame indicates how much energy or passion you have at this time. A small flame represents little energy while a large one shows lots of passion. Candle flames represent the light of spirit and the divine. The candle itself is a symbol of the human soul, which we can use to focus our attention on something higher. A steady, bright flame is a surefire sign of success or good luck! If you burned this candle during spellwork, your endeavor is lucrative.

Anytime you light a candle, and the flame goes out, it is saying NO. The action or step you are about to take is not the will of the universe, and it has negative consequences. In addition to this, your candle flame is so small because you lack the passion to stay in the game. You are contemplating giving up everything you have ever held dear because of failure and disappointment. The sudden outburst of your candle flame can be referred to as a breakthrough, or a breakout. If you suddenly see a mysterious reaction from your candle flame, this is something to pay attention to.


Conflict, bad luck, and opposing purposes surround your spellwork. Spend some time in prayer or meditation and do a cleansing ritual before proceeding with the working. There are many spiritual meanings of a flame relighting. One meaning is that it symbolizes the never-ending cycle of life. A flame relighting can also represent hope, love, and rebirth. The steady flame means the candle gives a positive indication.

candle flame meanings

It could also be a sign of spiritual poison – caution needs to be exercised when handling it. Your working and spells are under the care of an angel, a powerful spirit, a god, or a goddess. In this scenario, flames from two different candles come together. This is a sign that the best forces of the Universe have been marshaled to help you with your goals.

Best Practices for Reading Candle Flames

Although the spell has the power to sustain the magic, many unforeseen challenges keep interfering with the process. This could be a sign that the timing of your spell is not so good. As such, your energy flows will be faulty, and you may be forced to change the timing to carry out the spell properly. It could be that the magic spell has come to a successful end. An issue close to your heart is likely making you experience intense internal conflict.

  • Candles are also often used as part of a prayer or meditation ritual.
  • Through a candle flame, you will be given the strength to keep going when things get tough.
  • This flame is the presence of a fairy, angel, or spiritual entity—peace, tranquility, inspiration, clarity, and calmly brought by blue flame.
  • The pillar-style candle is placed at the bottom center of the hurricane.

There is a traditional meaning of types of flames that demonstrate your success. The candle flame means the light in the darkness that has the spiritual sense of the true spirit. The white flame represents pure energy, purity, healing, and clarity. This candle flame holds the promise of divine protection.

Candle Flame In Heart Shape Meaning

The experience is nearly identical, involving audible sounds and flickering light. Because the behavior is so close, these interpretations hold comparable meanings. Spiritualists say that poor communication is the most likely interpretation of a popping candle flame. The meaning of a steady candle flame is strongly connected to being in a state of peace. The flame provides steady light and a reliable source of warmth.

Ancient art form becomes symbol of resistance Arts & Living … – Mount Desert Islander

Ancient art form becomes symbol of resistance Arts & Living ….

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Grove and Grotto states when a flame burns red or yellow that mundane energy, not spiritual, is fueling the burn and can also be powerful. They represent our ability to survive through the darkest times, and even thrive in them. The flame is a candle flame meanings reminder that light can always be found even in darkness, and that we have the power within us to make it through anything. If you notice that your candle flame is flickering, take some time to reflect on what it could mean for you personally.

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